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Wealth and Health

Many believe wealth comes from money. That in fact, can’t be further from the truth. Wealth is a state of which is, an abundance of happiness without money. Wealth indeed comes from our health. To be in good health allows for one to be wealthy, take care of themselves without others input, provide for themselves without dependence on any other form of systems other than their own. A true form of wealth is a difficult state to achieve and many who believe they have achieved a true form of wealth, I am sorry to say, did not. People get confused when they think about wealth as our imagination of lots of money come into play.

Money allows the population to mimic what the idea of wealth is, however, wealth has nothing to do with money in its most natural sense of the term. Although money can help people achieve the idea of wealth, money has also distorted where wealth actually comes from. Without diving too much into a nation, a city, community or even a family, this article will focus primarily on one individual, and therefore, can permeate and multiply whichever way a person desires to see the true abundance of wealth. The focus here is; wealth can only come from one individual at a time. Additionally, wealth can only come from the health of that individual. The more independent a person is, the healthier an individual can become, and the closer to true wealth an individual is to achieve it.


The idea of wealth cannot come from money as stated above. Money distorts our minds to believe we have wealth and with these assumptions derives dependence on money. Being dependent on money steers our health away from wealth. Having dependence on anything is the antithesis of wealth. Wealth is a form of work. Work that brings long-term resources that embellish one’s life. The resources embellish lives in many ways, but first and foremost is a person’s health.  Wealth takes place when your resources are utilized to the fullest allowing any person to live at the utmost independent state. The more dependent a person is, the more the body releases psychological, emotional, or physical attachments anchoring them down.

Wealth is when we reach our freest moments. Those moments that allow us the content and rewarding feeling that we are alive and have all the resources necessary to live independently. We mistake wealth with fake attributes that money buy us in replace of the true feeling of self-worth. Most of us live our lives feeling we have some void to fill. That void is a dependent feeling in which we try our best to make enough money to buy something that will shadow and hide those voids. The richest people in the world may have the most voids to fill, and the poorest people might actually live as content and fruitful as they want. Therefore, they may be living a healthier life than that rich person. It is prudent to acknowledge the attributes of true wealth as our idea of business, politics, and society will greatly transform with this understanding.


Let’s be clear, having a dependence on something shows there is something other than oneself taking care of duties for another, and in one way or another having something external from oneself providing resources for another. To be independent is, to follow through with one’s duty on every front, making sure that one can provide the needs for oneself to keep healthy, have discipline, extend wisdom, and not rely on external influences to help in any way. This is a lot of work. Indeed, everyone in one way or another relies on something these days and there is nothing wrong with that. The more independent one is, however, the healthier a person will become. The healthier a person is, the greater chance anyone has to obtain wealth. Striving for Independence is important as it keeps us on our feet, our guard up, and our brain active. Even if we have a dependence on other things, it is important as well that we are prudent and attempt to be independent.

Independence grants a person permission to willfully walk with confidence. As a person becomes independent, and their health improves, and they show a new found form of confidence. These people begin to walk in unity with themselves. Confidence shows that a person values themselves and that is not ego. As people, when we walk with confidence our body knows and responds to things more intuitively. The body functioning better means it is healthier and is a direct response to the work toward independence. There are all kinds of reports on the truths behind this and we will not get into them, however, we hear all the time how depression of people who win the lottery end up committing suicide. People who have been passed down money through parents or grandparents have serious drug problems and addictions they end up dealing with. This is all due to the dependence on not just money, but the idea of wealth being distorted. One who is independent has the discipline to make it through the tendencies and urges that might come with winning the lottery, being passed down money, or any great thing that might come from life.

Wealth and Health

We started by saying wealth is health, and be content with happiness. Being independent is the gateway or bridge you will take to become healthier and have a greater chance of obtaining true wealth. Naturally, the increase in health will bring happiness. Wealth is a mixture of health, happiness, and the attributes of being content, one, and wholesome. It is important to take a step back and look at the big picture at times. The misinterpretation of wealth has caused a great deal of stress, depression, resentment, segregation, apathy, racism, and many other things that could be associated with the lack of fully understanding wealth. With more emphasis on the idea of wealth to teach our youth will do enormous things for the future of our earth. It is obvious we need to do something about the mindset in which many people view and distort the idea of wealth. We need to become a healthier civilization and by contributing to the education about wealth and what it means will directly influence the health of the people on earth. In return, our planet and its resources will become wealthy and fertile for us to use for many years to come.

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