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The Good Society

One thing that is universal to the world is, species tend to stay with their own kind. You see dolphins, coyotes, bears, and even bees buzz together. There are species such as reptiles that may not stay with their own, but, reptiles still must find other reptiles to procreate. Intuitively, most species also know they need their own kind to live and prosper together. There is a social bond between species of the like, that is, they no not to kill one another. Humans are not different. We are an advanced species (relative to the world) that ought to know not to kill just to kill, not to rape women, hurt children, kill endangered species, or even as to harm the earth in which we share. The sharing of the earth is where the good society holds an inter-contextual relationship with preserving itself.

As the advanced species, we hold a fiduciary duty toward each other and the earth. As a species, we need the earth to survive, and we as humans can’t procreate without each other, and we yearn to stay around other humans as well. This inter-contextual relationship with the earth and other humans is a social contract and as humans, we inherit a fiduciary duty toward the earth and humans alike. The duty to not liter purposely, to not harm the environment or other people or animals intentionally, they want to do good and well, and the self-respect enough to want societal virtue. The article will describe some viewpoints and thoughts associated with what a good society is, and the importance of pursuing the good society.

Violence and Crime

Unfortunately, human dispositions can get the best of us. There can be misunderstandings and evolutionary psychology will tell us human beings may have fought since the beginning of time. But, we have advanced into what we know of as a modern civil society. So why are there so many fights and killing of each other? Mental health is a key characteristic of most tyrannical individuals. Of the millions of people in the world, there is bound to be some individuals with mental disorders. There are many mental disorders that can drive someone into societal disobedience. Greed can be another driver into someone’s motive to harm others. Governing of these tyrants can be difficult, but, indeed needs to happen. We are here to share the earth. Although we all strive for autonomy, we are social creatures and all inherit the universal right to share the earth. Governments are there to help maintain the social contract, and not to completely dictate our lives. There will always be violence and crime; so how do we kindly share the earth?    

The Earth

Any creature on this planet has a right to life. Being the top of the food chain, however, human beings tend to do what they please without self-evaluation. Whether it is animals or humans, the earth is there for all of us, and all of us have a role to play in the sustainable future of every species on the planet. We can’t live without many of the species on earth, yet it feels like much of what we have we take for granted, that is, we consume too much too fast. Things might not be able to function properly if consumption speeds up. Earth is a planet full of growing organisms and without the health of everything on earth, what do human beings have? Good societies are built on this principle, that is, we as humans are the top of the food chain, therefore, we are bound not only by the good governance of each other in society but also, the animals and environment around us. What we know of business is the exchange of resources on earth. Politics, business, and society must learn to work in harmony with each other and focus to share the resources on the planet wisely. Hoarding resources are not only what causes wars, but, inhibits healthy growth. Citizens of the earth have a duty to fully understand the relationship between politics, business, and society. By doing so, we all would have empathy and respect for how things are built, sustained, and allow us to have compassion when things go wrong and the good character enough to help where we can to fix a problem as it happens.

The Trilogy

There is an intrinsic relationship between politics, business, and society. This will be considered the earth trilogy. The trilogy of how human beings function and share the world’s resources. The way we govern each other, treat animals, dump garbage into the water in which we drink, and ultimately, accept this as the way we live. This trilogy is powerful to comprehend and many people don’t want to think about this objectively, or even at all. The concertation of the trilogy is the path to creating the good society. Nobody knows the right way to live. How do we create a good society?

The good society is a place where citizens of any country are informed and knowledgeable about this trilogy. The citizens yearn for wisdom, reason, and a rationale behavior that can tolerate the violent behavior, and hatred toward others with opposing views. Citizens driven toward the good society are patient and hardworking people that genuinely care about society. In our current state of political economy, we have an exchange of business for goods and services. This exchange is governed politically and demanded socially. Therefore, we must respect the products and services rendered for society and create the best, most sustainable products and services possible. Not products for profit that will break just to get more profit.  This is just one example and thought the process that will lead us to form a sustainable good culture and society.

Sustainable Growth

What is growth? And how can it be sustainable? Let’s start out by saying growth is not overconsumption. Consuming things is an as needed issue. In the US and most of the developing world, there has become a meme in over consuming goods and services. This is gluten behavior. Societies of scale can still grow and be happy consuming the things they need, and not what they always want. It is the idea of an individual’s quality of life. As a market economy, we have been taught to buy things we want and not what we need. This exceeds what sustainability is all about.

Being sustainable is a practice and discipline in which we buy what we need, make products that last, and drive long-lasting value into society. The good society focuses on this principle. The principle that we don’t always get what we want. This is discipline. A good quality of life, however, fills the voids of us having the liberty to buy what we want. Maybe not whenever we want, but, just enough to fill this void. The sustainable growth comes from intellectual individuals that yearn for knowledge, not material things. The good society comes from productive people looking to make good products that do well for society long-term. The good society is problem solvers, not people who are lazy and violent that create more problems. The real question is how to lift the average individual to yearn for wisdom, hard work, and productive problem-solving. How can we do this? Will you be a part of that narrative? Will you change as a conscious being, and one who takes part in a good sustainable society? That is your choice and a good one to make.  

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