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Ethical Leadership

In a world of corruption, how can the small man, a local company, local government, or even large nations tackle huge societal problems? The world is filled with racial slurs, creed, greed, self-pity, and indeed, a whole lot of love as well. So many people ask, how can I, a nobody, make a difference in the world? How can we change the mindset of these individuals and motivate them to become leaders? With so much religion, spirituality, and cultural norms is it really that difficult to understand morality? We all as humans, intuitively, know right from wrong. We do bad things, however, is it instinct? Are we destined for failure as a species? We must kill things for survival, therefore, we have negativity ingrained in our DNA. Is this the truth? Or through reason can we empower our thoughts to build a strong ethical foundation in our moral duty to sustain life?

Ethics is the learning of right from wrong. Leadership is the implementation of engagement with others. When we combine ethics and leadership, we begin to have a study of how we can learn to help each other learn right from wrong with the intention of distinguishing wrongful acts and following through to fix them quickly. This can take place in a household, a community, a business, government, or cross-functionally with nation states. Ethical leadership is a virtuous path and an intentional mindset. It is when an individual realizes their personal will for good deeds. It is a lifelong commitment. And every human being harnesses the power to adhere to this virtue. This article will bring concepts and a narrative to your thought process about what an ethical leader is, and how you can become one.

The Base of the Pyramid – Foundation

Building a house is not easy, and to build a strong foundation for a house is the most important aspect of the life of the home. The base needs to be sound and consistent. Looking at this from a human spectrum is even more difficult. Is it the parents that set the foundation for the child? It is not convincing that parents hold the golden key to the foundation of the child. The key is in the heart and mind of the child. The parents are there to guide the child to find this key and open the doors to their awareness to the form of the good. The surroundings and experiences on a daily basis with everything in existence is, what builds the attributes and the foundation of the child to see through the teachings of the forms of ethics or moral behavior.  Teaching children reciprocity works and what ethics is, will help them to build sound leadership attributes. Pyramids are the most mathematically sound structures on the planet. When looking at the sound framework and foundation of a pyramid, similarly, we want to build a sound foundation for ethical leadership education. The base of the pyramid ought to be ethics and leadership, then reciprocity, and finally, empathy.  

Ethical Leadership - Earth Integrations

Reciprocity – Becoming a Teacher

The most important aspect of becoming a leader is the exchange of information. The fundamentals in becoming a teacher build upon the foundation for the ethical mean. The mean is the want and desire to learn. When we teach and exchange information there is an unconscious bond between two people. The bond of wisdom. Each person trying to teach is inextricably linked to the virtue of being educated themselves. Reciprocity strengthens the ethical foundation. When looking at the educational pyramid, reciprocity will show up in the middle, or core. The heart of learning comes from the desire to teach. This core holds the glue between the leader and the student. As we rise to the top of the pyramid, there is a conscious awakening. People know they don’t have all the answers and must keep learning.

Empathy- Becoming a Student

It is important to want to understand others points of views. The realization of this is empathy. Empathy brings people back to reality. It is realistic to understand that nobody holds all the answers and there is so much to learn from others. Becoming a student shows compassion, care, vigilance, and reflection. Empathy helps bold people to be humble. This is the highest enlightenment. It tips the educational pyramid off because it recycles our souls to evaluate who we are as individuals. Ask questions and keep the eagle’s eye on the goal, that is, to find the form of the good. There is a ton of bad in the world today. We all have done bad things. It is important to remind ourselves that it takes bad experiences to figure out what is good. As we consciously see what happened when these bad things went on, and we learn from those experiences and teach others how to neglect those attributes. This is the path to becoming an ethical leader. Anyone can be an ethical leader and we all can learn and teach these concepts. If we as a species raise awareness about ethical leadership, this would be transformative on earth. It would permeate through our blood and soon weave out the negative tensions of human flaws and inconsistencies. Let’s start a conscious meme to find the form of the good and become ethical leaders.  

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