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Racism existed in America since it’s inception. But, in 2017, why and how does it seem to be escalating? This passage will be about our current state of racism this past year in America, how and why we could possibly be here in 2017, and where this could lead to in 2018 or the next few years if we don’t have a more open dialogue about it.

Is Racism in America?

Keep in mind as you read difficult topics as this one on racism that everything can be debated. That isn’t the point here, and a negative debate isn’t what will help solve some of these issues. It is easy to stray away and get subjective about even one word, phrase, or something that seems like personal bias. The point is, to stay objective, and to keep open to thinking through hard topics like racism like a team. We are all on earth here, humans, thoughtful and compassionate, and have great insight into our future.

Let’s face it, this past year we saw a completely different America. A shift in politics, culture, and if any, a yearning to rise and create attention through multiple forms of activism, rebellion, or protest. Some of which are from Donald Trump’s election and controversy overviews that sparked protest at the Trump towers across America and other parts of cities. Then we have the “Antifa” and the so-called “White Supremacists” who came out of nowhere creating anarchy. Lastly, we have this narrative about police brutality to African American individuals. However minor or bad these situations seem, or statistics we have on these topics, the phenomenon happened, is happening, and has yet to fully unfold.

As there are skeptics of all this chaos creating turmoil here in America can get better. In fact, there are optimists out there who see light at the end of the tunnel. This article America’s ‘Racial Generation Gap’ is Starting to Shrink, was written to inform the public about a study done by students from the University of Southern California. They found that diversity is naturally spreading within America. As truth seekers who are unbiased, nonpartisan, and journalists who believe in the philosophy of solutions and social good, by no means do we write articles to pursued, be skeptics, or be overly optimistic either. Although to find the truth, solve problems, and to grow as intellectuals, we must ask good questions. One of which is, will more diversity help racism? Or will more diversity create more racism?

Like math, it takes multiple takes at problems to internalize the equations, and with racism, it will take us consistently saying to think objectively, act compassionately, and begin taking steps toward helping solve this complex problem rather than allowing yourself to get over emotional, take offense quickly, and act out of instinct to the point that it creates more conflict than already in action. That will help us to build inclusion as diversity rises.

Racism Segments

There are simple things that segment people or our culture in big ways. This article for one and an article out on the internet could simply persuade any person into a different viewpoint. On a larger scale, all of the media ought to be looked at as a fierce method of power to persuade us in any way positive or negative. Is this conspiracy? No, it doesn’t have to be. Is it fake news as Trump would say? No, it doesn’t have to be. Is there a clear separation between major media corporations? Yes, and this definitely keeps our heads facing in one direction or makes it much harder to look the other way. If it isn’t corruption, conspiracy, or a specific agenda to keep the public segregated, it is a matter of business and unethical business in the code of conduct of journalism. The media has been segmented into the political left and right, liberals vs. conservatives, and creates a narrative that not only segments us as citizens but, confuses people of what truth is and makes it harder to break away from racism.

Media in it of itself is a business, however, journalism was always supposed to be a means of reporting and a very neutral, nonbiased, and non-partisan route to finding the truth. Inherently, due to business and ratings; media firms have turned into battling each other for who has more accurate information. Due to this, their narratives became more biased and lacked transparent truths focused on quality reporting. As a recent article from Fox News was written titled; Black Lives Matter Shouts Down ACLU: ‘You protect Hitler, too!’,  you can read the narrative whether right or wrong creating a bias against Black Lives Matter. This is not supposed to be the function of journalism.  If we dig in deeper we can use the political left and right as a reflection of our social segmentation and how easily we divide ourselves and that it affects racism dramatically more than it helps create a civil society.  


Racism into 2018

Antifa and White Supremacists or the Alt-left and Alt-right, neo-Nazis or whatever we want to call these people have accelerated quickly upon a demonstration of slavery and a statue of Confederate Soldier Robert E. Lee. This quickly becomes racism and bigotry as the “Alt-left and Alt-right” began to fight in the streets. In an article, Racist’ Behavior is Declining in America from the Economist, questioned the outspoken behavior from Trump and said he had something to do with the comfort of Xenophobes being open to the public became more comfortable after Trump was in office. Whether this is true or not, there is much more than Trump in which created not only Antifa and neo-Nazis but, created the tension that stemmed from slavery to the civil war, to the civil rights movement almost 100 years later, to the present-day bigotry and racism we see from all sides. There is political tyranny, media tyranny, social tyranny, and racism that is being uplifted in many ways.

We are living in transformational times in America and around the world. America is yearning for a just system, a system of transparency, and a system of compassion in which helps people to prosper and not built to suppress. With people buying into groups built upon racism such as Antifa and white supremacists, our Democratic Republic, or “Democracy” could quickly fall into turmoil and what is the most prosperous nation in the world can quickly become a feared place to be.  What do we do about it? The best place to start is your community. Get involved with your community and be a part of, or help to build a conversation in a safe way. Help others to be open, not get angry, but, grow a dialogue around these thick and dense conversations. Let’s face it, nobody wants to have these discussions. Yet it is the only way to change the discourse going on and keep repeating hateful actions of racism even if you don’t want to. As corny as it sounds it holds true, be the change you always wanted to see.

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