About Our Founder

Who Am I?

Brian Boros is a Social Entrepreneur. He excels in management, marketing, sales, small business building, and above all is a “Visionary Leader”. At a young age of 18, Brian started his own timeshare resale company called continental vacation properties. He took a trade from his father & started sub-contracting as a painter at the same time.

Brian has over 12 quality years experience in small business and the management setting. He learned virtue of what it means for a person to due diligence in their work ethic.

In My Own Words:


In my early years, around 9 years old or so, I lived with my awesome family of mom, dad, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters in a close suburb of South Chicago. As I turned 10 we moved to St. John IN, where my parents still reside. I enjoyed growing up in the northwest region of Indiana, and would not change any of the valued relationships I have built over the years.

As a rebellious teenager, I could not make it to my junior year of High School, dropped out (as you will find later there was a good reason for). About a year later I moved out of my parents’ home to live with my cousin for a short time, and then off to Florida, I went. I lived in Florida for almost two years. However, these were very pivotal years of my life. From 18 to 20 years of age, I lived in Florida and got a serious taste of sales and entrepreneurship. Continental Vacation Properties was the first entrepreneurial venture of mine. It was a timeshare resale business. I also took the paining trade from my dad, and learned to be a carpenter as well. I sub-contracted, and long story short, I learned a ton within those two years until I went blind. What? Went Blind?

Yea, luckily, I didn’t lose all my vision. It is a disease called Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. Here’s a link if you want to learn more www.lhon.org, and www.lhonreport.com. This obviously was a devastating turn of events in my life. However, don’t get me wrong, I surely had my freak out incidences, but I rolled with the punches and took it like a champ. At this point, I had moved back to Northwest Indiana. Shortly after, I was given a guitar and saxophone and was told to learn how to play. I figured, why not? Everything changed as I became a musician.

I love to play, compose, discuss, study, and teach music. Music changed my life and brought me down an artists path I never expected to go down. I diligently practice my art still to this day and will for the rest of my life. I had the opportunity of playing with lots of talented musicians and always look forward to playing with others. As I was touring and having fun playing with friends, it suddenly hit me, much of the philosopher that was in me starting pouring out of me and I decided to go back to school. The entrepreneur never left me. Shortly after the decision to move my intelligence forward the visions of the markets began to infatuate and puzzle my brain.

In the present day, I am finished with my bachelors of Arts, with concentrations in philosophy and entrepreneurship. I aspire to achieve an MBA, and a Ph.D. I want to be a part of moving society forward, that is, our political, societal, and educational systems that have been built on old practices and need changing from time to time. I love to travel, be with family, and be a part of life’s experiences. There is a balance between achievements and experiences and I love the challenge to find life’s virtue.