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Me & Earth

Why am I on earth? I know I am alive and exist, but is there a purpose for me? How do I figure out what I am on earth for? I am confused and saddened I can’t figure this out. I am torn and feel suppressed. I do, however, feel amazing, wealthy, healthy, and more alive than I ever could ask or imagine possible. Why such a conflict? Does this have to do with my understanding of me on this earth? I need to figure this out. I need to find passion in myself and truth, a good path, a reason for life, something that equally impacts others and the earth as it does me. But, what is it? What am I here to do?

If we only get one life to live it is so important to make the best of it. Part of making the best of life is to respect yourself so much you work as hard as you possibly can every day. By doing so, you are directly benefiting yourself and others around you simultaneously. Every day I work as hard as I could, I feel much better than those days I do nothing. But, is this apart of existence? Ethics and morals involve work. In fact, it could very well be that it takes ethical practice to become a moral person. The practice of hard work is inherently ethical. I need to find out how working hard makes me understand why I am on earth. Is it just to experience everything? Or do I have something specific that I can contribute to so that it is both ethical for others and purposeful for myself? If there was something specific to why I am here on earth, does that make me unique or carry an identity?

Finding Myself

I want to be a person of value. I have a family, friends, hobbies, and I truly try to experience everything life brings my way. The path I walk is my own, but I need to share it with others to know that things are the way they are. Is the path I walk unique? I have a journey and through this, I intend on finding who I really am, my identity, something that makes me whole. The journey is what makes me whole, unique, special, and have a purpose. Or is it how I interact with others while I walk the journey? Is my every step the path I am supposed to take to find myself? I am here and know I exist, but I want to know that I feel great about everything that I do.

There needs to be impacted in some way every day. I know part of why I am here would be to create something every day. By creating something of value, whatever that may be, I would be inadvertently helping someone else. Even if that someone, was a family member and not someone who I did not know in society. If I could make this a practice of mine, I could extend it to the environment as well. By doing this I would be able to create impacts on the earth as well. These experiences are what makes me feel good. By evaluating these experiences, I am figuring out how my identity plays a role on this planet. I need to remember that this is a journey. The journey is what makes me complete. But, will I find myself in this process? Do I need to accept that these practices are the antidote to finding myself? I am finding that through these practices I am unique, even if others are doing the same. This is my path and is what gives me an identity.

Earth & People around Me

There are so many people around me on a daily basis to give me insight on who I am, what I am supposed to do, what I am doing wrong or even learning from me as well. And within all these experiences with other people, there are so many interactions with the earth, the creatures on the earth, and the simplest things learned from what the earth brings me. I feel I need to interact with the earth as much as I possibly can in order to fulfill my destiny. The earth is beautiful, hard to handle, scary, precious, and filled with danger and love combined. It has so many unexplainable things. The earth has life on top of high mountains and at the deepest of depth in the sea. The trees, flowers, waters and rivers, and animals all interacting with me giving me signs of life. Letting me know that I am here alive and being acknowledged. These signs help me to know for sure, that there is a presence, a means for life, and a universal truth out there. Things might not be perfect on earth, but there is proof on a daily basis; there is a reason for living.

Every situation and interaction with other people brings me a clearer vision of what I am. There are so many different types of interactions with people from types of eye contact, body gestures, hand movements, the way we touch each other, and all of this contributes to how we learn from one another. I think of a day where I would be confined and be by myself forever. I would go crazy. The people around me are what makes me complete as well. People give me comfort in knowing that existence is real. People are means to communicate and exchange the experiences we all have to share. Sure, we can communicate with plants, animals, and other non-human things, but, this is not the same communication and I believe anyone can agree. Without other human interaction, we can’t legitimately confirm each of us is having similar thoughts and visions. This helps us to balance our being. It helps us to find and shape who we are and have the desire to find more information about the earth, ourselves, and others.

Will to Balance

Life is full of surprises and the unexpected can tear apart a person’s emotions. When a person’s emotions are torn, it makes it hard to keep balance in someone’s life. It also makes it hard to find the will and desire to live a strong and happy life. To have will means to be able to push past negative consequences that occur in life. It means to overlook the pain that life has caused you and to be able to pull yourself up and walk away while knowing things could never be the same. People can find the will and can use it to balance their lives. Although we might not forget what happened to us, we can still walk happy and proud knowing we are walking a good life and have good intentions. Will can bring us the strength we need to live a complete and fulfilling life after a tragedy.

It is up to all of us in the process of finding our identity on earth to balance ourselves. In doing so, you need to will it into your heart and soul. You need to fight from within yourself and heal yourself. You need to be brave enough to forgive yourself for whatever it might be that you don’t want to let go. Even if it is not your fault. Many times, people dwell on something that is not their fault, and if it is their fault, they will dwell on it even more. Will with intention a good manifestation into fruition, and find what motivates you to survive. Find what will bring you happiness and what will take away whatever pain that is leading you away from your own self-truths of the earth and the people around you. These things will torment you and not allow you to create impact in your own life and others as well. Find yourself and meaning on earth. These are things that bring me and earth closer and help to bring meaning into life around me.

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