We all love a good story, especially one that makes us laugh. Maria & Brian share some more funny life situations that they have found themselves in!

Brian interviews Lisa Thompson about LHON Plus and her experiences living with LHON Plus. And Maria and Brian reflect and discuss this year’s LHON Conference updates.

In a recent blog, Maria gave some helpful advice on guiding blind walkers. Brian and Maria discuss the blog and the reason she wrote it. You can find Maria’s lifestyle blog at www.GirlGoneBlind.com

Finding the right weights, figuring out the treadmill, working your way through a gym environment can be tricky with vision loss. Maria and Brian give their best advice to help ease any frustrations. Brian interviews Matt Leverington from the UK about his diagnosis and experiences living with LHON.

After becoming legally blind, losing our ability to drive is devastating. We have things to do, and places to go! So, how do we get to these various places? Maria and Brian talk about the transportation options they have used to maintain their Independence.

It seems that driverless cars will be up for grabs in a few years! But, what are the benefits for those who are disabled? Maria and Brian discuss how these cars might help employment and healthcare costs for people who can’t drive. Brian also talks to one of the few lawyers in our community, Locke Milholland from Raleigh, North Carolina.