We hope you love our conversation as much as we love discussing the topics if you believe in us....

Marie and Brian share a few recent experiences and pick a few recent Facebook posts that they found interesting enough to talk about! Plus, current information about the 2017 LHON conference coming up in June!

Maria shares some of her ideas for great holiday gifts, with Brian Talking about the Amazon Echo he wants. They take a look back at what a great first year it’s been, and are thankful to all who have supported this podcast!

Maria and Brian talk about the absence of facial expressions, nonverbal communication, and eye contact in their visually impaired lives. They share how they Interpret situations or people’s emotions by the voices they hear and the vibes they feel.

Brian and Maria discuss the pros and cons of living within an invisible disability. Brian talks with one of our International affected women. Maryse Roger, from France, shares her story and thoughts about living with LHON.

There are moments when we feel like we will never come out of the darkness. We’ve all been there. Maria and Brian discuss this emotional issue with an article titled “10 things to remember when it seems like things won’t get better”.

Maria gives Brian the scoop on her recent trip to the “Global Genes Rare Disease Advocacy Summit” held in Southern California. Brian interviews Taylor Katzel, who’s only been affected a few years, from Kingston, Ontario. And shares his thoughts on the “Mind’s Eye”.

After vision loss, what are those nighttime dreams like for you? Are they blurry, cloudy, or perfectly clear? Brian and Maria share some of their own thoughts about dreams and how they see them.

Maria discusses the similarities between a Paralympic athlete and a mom just getting to the store. The process of stepping out of your blind comfort zone is such a big deal! Brian has an interview with Cameron Macintosh, who recently graduated with a doctorate in physical therapy.

It’s Brian and Maria’s birthday month! These two Leos talk about how birthdays changed after losing vision. From planning your special day and activities to eating cake! It’s all here on the blind birthday episode!

Maria digs up some fun facts about the white cane and Brian interviews Kandace Haney, a mother of four, about living with LHON.

Brian and Maria share some experiences about learning, understanding, and using Apple’s accessibility feature for the visually impaired. We love it. We hate it. We need it!

Maria and Brian talk a little bit about the 2016 LHON conference recently held in Seattle, WA. Brian also interviews Aaron Reistad from Colorado about living with LHON.

Maria and Brian talk about what it’s like to meet others in the LHON Community. Friendships made over the phone, Skype, or in person, are priceless when it comes to understanding and supporting each other. Every connection made, grows our family…. a rare family we didn’t know we had!

Maria and Brian take the leadership conversation worldwide. Reaching members of the LHON community in Spain, Italy, and Germany. Our guests are Andi Gyarnari, Paula Treu, and Pedro Gutiérrez.

Maria and Brian take their first attempt at blind story telling. Our unplugged version. Brian explains two stories of wanting and attempting to drive (blind), and holding on to memories of driving years ago. Maria also brings us through a recent scenario of losing her license and wanting to keep the actual Driver’s License.

Maria and I share our first cohosted episode. We also share thoughts from Lissa Poincenot, Andy Marks, and Jessica Loomer about leadership and initiative in the LHON community, and the LHON Conference coming up June 17th.

Joe was affected when he was 30 years of age. He loves sports and never wanted to leave them. he didn’t let blindness hold him back as he tells his story getting creative with adaptive sports.

Maria was affected in 2013. She is the married mother of two, and a group fitness instructor. She is the co-host of the LHON Live call and is co-hosting the LHONReport.

George is an affected individual who managed to make it through law school in the early 80’s. He explains his story and success as an Attorney.

Dr. Nichols is Brians Dr. and was the Dr. who originally diagnosed Brian with LHON.

Lissa is a mom who’s son Jeremy lost his vision to LHON. Lissa explains the ups and downs a mother could go through as her son goes through vision loss. She is a huge advocate for the LHON community.

Brian Boros discusses his experience for LHON. Also, he goes into detail about what the conversation behind LHON will be.

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