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After having a world with so much information all at our fingertips, and learning to understand how much humanity has been suppressed, we still place hate, blame, and most of all, quickly turn on others of different color, race, or decent from one another. This article, however large or small some of our racial issues in the world, will shed a little light on some things that seem to be not worth hating over. Furthermore, we will ask the question, is this, or should this be the right way to approach these situations? If not, then what is the right way?

Let us first start out by saying, racism is nothing new. Furthermore, racism is very complex by virtue of the many patterns of history. It doesn’t matter whether you are African, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Caucasian, at some point, racism has taken part in all walks of life. The problem here is, we are living in such a developed world it just doesn’t need to exist. Sure, we all will have discrepancies, and not everybody will get along. Many of us can barely see eye to eye with our brothers and sisters let alone random people. Many people would agree it is easy to get angry with someone if they are acting foolish for no reason and asking for not only attention but, rude and unkind actions. For example, a drunk white man on a train in the city of Chicago asking for change, raising his voice, and getting a bit out of hand. This man can easily be looked at like a rotten person. If we flip the coin to a black person, and this black person is not dressed bad, doesn’t stink of alcohol, but, he clearly is still homeless and begging for change. Many times, people are just as bad on this black man, even if they could see he is acting like he is trying. Those 2 examples are simple to relate too.

London Housing Complaints

Now let’s imagine we are in London. One of the most diversified cities in the world. We live in a fairly nice community filled with younger professionals. Mostly white and enjoy their community, new restaurants, clubs, and upper-middle-class lifestyle. Suddenly, you start to see many realtors or housing developers bring by colored folks looking to buy homes in the community. What would your first thought be? Would you be angry as you may soon have colored folks as neighbors? Or would you think these colored folks must be well to do? As they are looking to buy homes in this community. We would like to think most people would choose the latter, however, naturally, this isn’t the case. According to Alastair Sloan, written on February 6, 2015, from Newstatesman, an article titled Does London’s housing industry have a problem with race? it is specifically about this incident. Many individuals began to complain and were a bit angry with the housing development bringing in black, Asian, or other people of color to live in this community. Years prior, the community grew because of racism due to the landlords or housing development agents purposely neglecting black folks from leasing the apartments or housing. They call this gentrification and whether good or bad, it shouldn’t be the color of someone’s skin that determines if they are a good community member or not.

American Civil War

America, the land of the free and home of the slaves. What? The home of the slaves. It is a terrible thing that most people remember negative events of their lives, other people’s lives, and events across the world. We can say we remember great events as well, but, as soon as anything bad happens, by nature, we resort to the worst memories possible to compare that event too. In America, that horrific time period of slavery was the event that our entire culture forever will remember and will be addressing for many years to come. Our country is extremely race diverse, and yes, there is race conflict. But, we are not in a civil war. Or are we? An incident in Charlottesville, VA, at the University of Virginia, students began a protest to take down the Confederate soldier Robert E. Lee’s statue. On Youtube, you could watch the video here, that shows a vehicle running head-on into the crowd. The driver was named a white supremacist. Among several other incidents over the past few years, this specific incident sparked a multiplicity of things we will not get into; however, it began more race conflict in America. It reminded many people of slavery in America. And even though this statue represented a soldier who fought on behalf of the side who supported slavery, you would think that people would reflect on race conflict, slavery, and segregation being the exact reason why we ought to talk this through in a different way than a protest.  All sides acted out with hate no differently than the civil war era 250 years ago. Is this really what a developed society is coming to? Is this all the intelligence we obtained over the years?  

China’s Discrimination

We want to think as travelers, or as people who are staying around for a while that we eventually will be accepted. In many cases we are, but, in most places and in many cases, there still is an undertone to the majority of people native to their geographic area. In China, this is still the case. According to InterNations, there are 56 different ethnic groups in China. But, for how large China is, 90% are still Han Chinese. Our unique cultural customs unconsciously force us to make decisions for us without us actually wanting to commit those actions toward others. In the case in China, it may not be spoken about often, but, it happens all the time. These actions happen globally where ever we go as well. The large question of the next decade is, what are we all going to do about it? How is it that all countries and all cultures consciously wake up and work hard toward fixing racism and peacefully acknowledge our earth needs to resolve race conflict? Think about it, and when this happens to you, or you see it happen, make sure to self-reflect and say; I’m sorry.


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