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Humans and Capital

What is the relationship between humans and capital? The answer may seem very easy, clear, and straightforward just to think about this concept at first. The answer, however, is far from easy or it would reflect the productivity from each individual citizen within a nation-state. Over the years, Capitalism has grown to such an extent that through the idea of money people have forgotten what creates capital. We may naturally know we go to work in order to get paid. And to work for many years you would think you would just get paid more for the work that you do. The idea of an increase in compensation, however, means that you have grown intellectually with the work that you do. If you have not grown enough with the work that you do then either you will not get paid more or very little more.

In order to increase wages over the years, societies either pushed children to go to school longer to increase their knowledge of specific industries, or they would get into a trade and grew into a journeyman of some sort. Even journeymen needed school during their apprentice programs to grow within the specific industry. Children who opted to stay in school longer had the knowledge, but not experience. Therefore, they may not have started out with the highest salaries, but, would grow fairly quickly. This concept still holds true today, that is, a person’s knowledge plus experience will bring them more intellectual property to produce more capital. The problem is, economies change. When economies change the people within the system need to change and adapt to be able to produce more, and the means to the end changes as well. What doesn’t change is, knowledge plus experience will get you more money. But, with economies changing you may need more knowledge and more experience in different areas to either be considered for specific roles or diversify yourself enough to be considered for the wage increase that you may think you deserve. We will not focus on economies changing throughout this article as the point is to remember where the ability to create capital with our human labor comes from.

Humans – Labor – Health

Our human labor is what brings our minds more knowledge and our experience to reflect that knowledge. Whether it is going through a journeymen program, or making your way through school, you are putting labor into the time and effort needed to capitalize in the future for it. The more labor we do as humans, the healthier we would become allowing us to work more efficiently. The problem is that over time people forgot that their work reflects their pay. Why would someone forget something so basic? Over many of year’s people would become comfortable with what they are doing. No matter how good you are at something if you become too comfortable at something you probably will not be working as hard as you should. You may think you are efficient, but your boss may not. There are growing parts to everything we do, and although we will not focus on the economy changing, technology, society, and politics all have working parts within any means to production. When people become comfortable they lose sight of these working parts and tend to become stagnant.

When humans become stagnant we are not as efficient as we once were. Even if they know the business inside and out. Due to this, people are not as healthy in that industry as they once were. Therefore, your labor is not reflecting your knowledge and experience that it once did. What is important to remember is that by working hard and keeping up with all the moving parts of society you stay healthy. When we get stagnant our health decreases in one way or another. Our human labor reflects our health and our health reflects our knowledge and experience that we have in any industry. For example, if you are healthy, you will stay fit to the moving parts of whatever impact that business that you are in. That means that no matter what happens, you will grow with the business. If you become comfortable and think you already know everything, you will become stagnant and suddenly lose sight of how the working parts of the business have changed. Suddenly, you are not worth as much as you were even if you have more experience. Your knowledge has decreased and has not kept up with experience. Your health has declined and your human labor is not worth as much anymore. Everything in Capitalism reflects these working parts.

Capital – Exchange – Wealth

The knowledge plus experience is the labor that we do over time to produce capital. It is our health that allows us to keep up with the moving parts. If we keep up with the moving parts, over time we will produce wealth. The wealth is the exchange for the capital earned from keeping up with the knowledge and experience over a duration of time. As stated earlier, it is important to keep up with the moving parts going on within the business. Capital is created by our human labor. But, as moving parts to the labor you once were producing change, so does the capital that reflects the work you do. Capital is only a reflection of our ability to keep up with societal growth. It is the exchange within the business for the products and services we offer from the labor in which we put in.

People think by just going to work they will produce wealth. Producing wealth, however, is how our human labor keeps up with the moving parts of any business within society for a duration of time. It doesn’t mean just going to work. When you think you just go to work, you become stagnant. Stagnation is unproductive, and yes, you may still earn capital, but is the capital earned supposed to increase? If you are unproductive, the capital earned will not increase. Even if you become great at what you do. The moving parts of the business are consistently changing and you may think you had it all down, but, to be realistic, you didn’t keep up with the moving parts. Therefore, the capital earned stays the same, or in many modern cases, even shrinks. It may not shrink directly, however, due to inflation and the many other scenarios that go on in life, our income may stay the same but it may get harder to live and feels like things have shrunk around us.

Humans Are In The Money

The point is, the work we do is the capital we earn. But, it is up to our health to keep up with the working parts, to grow our knowledge to reflect our experience in order to produce wealth. The money we earn is how we diversify as humans. Therefore, the money is within us, humans. It is in the labor that we produce, the way we keep up with the times, the way we become more knowledgeable, and the way we can grow that knowledge to reflect the experiences. If we can’t do this, we will not produce wealth. And as inflation happens and many other variables, it could make us feel poor over time. You need to remember; the money is within your human labor.

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