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Earth Politic

What is the politic?  At its root we can look at the politic as a civil administered obedience or governance within a group of people. It is to say we all live in one geographic region and must govern ourselves to function as a civil administration. To form a good society and help each other to balance mistakes is not, however, a large governing body to administer over large amounts of people, but, for all people to take part in the society peacefully. This will complete the politic. As humans of the earth we all are entitled to resources. But, we all must work hard for them as well. And we all must respect others along the way. This is the earth politic. As citizens of this earth, we all are under the politic of the earth, that is, the way the earth inherently governs all things by virtue of its resources.

The earth politic is individual citizens carrying their weight in society, governing themselves, and contributing to the greater social utility of all, that is, a participation in positive motion. It can be looked at as many know of natural law. This motion is powerful. It sustains a movement. It makes things easier for all people. And balances energy while intrinsically restoring the energy as well. We can restore and balance societies. We can create the good society. This motion will build nation states, it will empower wealth into the citizen, and the governing bodies to shift to a supererogatory approach and permeate a new transparent governing body. We all are well tolerated to a governing body. That governing body can considered a nation state.

This article will discuss the nation state, the citizen, and how the governing body ought to act in a transparent society. We are trying to build the good society. What that looks like is unclear. It is not only unclear for many people, but, unclear for the nation states governing their countries. As a nation state, it is difficult to make decisions based around millions of people, their productivity, the ill, the elder, uneducated, and the whole system of monetary exchange.

The Nation State

The world is well familiar with political hierarchy. Whatever political system a country may have, Capitalist, Socialist, Communist, Dictatorship, or just some leader of a tribe, we are all familiar with some sort of head of state. As politics evolved these large governing bodies are now called nation states. It is the state of any nation. Each separate nation is considered a state. A state in which people or citizens are bound by their actions and are to act in accordance with the norms or laws of their society. This is a place where all people understand there is a common function. There are just certain things you don’t do. Like kill someone, rape someone, or consistently serve your vices around the public. This is the common place called society, and is considered a nation state or “the politic”.

A nation is built upon principles of individual autonomy, and social equality. Individual autonomy focuses on a persons’ right to their own well-being, speak their mind, own their property, and do to themselves however they please. The social equality is where we all yearn to be equal, have equal opportunities, equal healthcare, education, find jobs, and prosper in society. But, just because you want autonomy and yearn to be equal, doesn’t mean as individuals, we are allowed to do whatever we please. if it could harm another person, we can’t or shouldn’t do it without consequences. This will also apply to the right to a job as we all want to prosper and participate in the monetary system. The social equality is the common area were each individual citizen must respect, not only the people around them, but, the environment, animals, species, and within reason that we would not get harmed or harm others. Additionally, there is an inter-contextual relationship between individual autonomy and social equality, that is, we all know we are not to kill just to murder justifying social code, but, in the act of violence, we all have the individual right to defend ourselves as well giving justification to self-autonomy. Also, we all want the right to live alone, be alone, or speak freely, but, we also want to be given the same healthcare and education without extra work. This can be a very confusing state of mind for any person to conceptualize. Citizens must deal with this social code. The social relationship of individual autonomy and social equality is truly a difficult concept. Each citizen has a different brain, emotion, motive of their own, country where they came from, or economic system that creates discrepancies in what autonomy and equality means or ought to mean.  

The Citizen

A nation can’t be whole without it’s citizen’s. And it is evident there needs to be some sort of governance as we all must live with each other. So, what does it mean to be a citizen? It means to have respect for other people, the environment, animals, species, and above all, yourself and how you contribute to society. It is how you govern yourself within society. But, our human characteristics are consistently being affected. Affected by emotion, psychology, twisted words of anger, fear, personal doubts, physical impairments, and the list can go on. These things can affect relationships, and peoples snapping points. Furthermore, we do know that people do get psychological disorders like schizophrenia or bipolar syndromes. And for one reason or another people go off the deep end and do crazy things.

The crazy parts of human action are, why we have engrained such a thing as common law into our thought process. This is nothing new either. Common law dates back thousands of years. As individuals, we know right from wrong. We all have hearts and love, feel warmth when family hugs one another, and kindness among friends and strangers when we say hi or open doors for each other. We also know what it feels like to be angry, hurt, and sad. These feelings of tension want to be resolved with feelings of joy, health, happiness, and wealth. As citizens, there is a duty toward the common land to help each other and pull one another out of these dark places. Many times, however, in cases of dispute, it usually requires help from others around. This may not be police, the state, or the government, it might have been a nearby citizen. In any case, there was a governing body around to help resolve the dispute. Much of governance ought to come from the general public, not the police which acts as the mediator and governing body for a society and executes laws provided by the nation state to limit these disputes. The citizen is, in itself, a governing body that ought to govern themselves and their surroundings, and is what creates the nation state.

The Governing Body

The police, nation state or government are what we know of as the governing body. An individual can indeed also be the body that governs as well. There are such things as citizen arrests, but, we never see that and are conditioned not to think or act to police others. This is a mindset. We do not want, however, to arrest anyone, get people in trouble, or be injured by any party. What we do want is, a civil society. Each citizen is responsible for his or her actions and is what makes up the governing body or the politic as a whole. By being responsible means, to govern oneself.  If we were all accustomed to governing ourselves, we may trust each other, our neighbors, and locals to help each other govern the town. And we would not need a police force as each citizen is the police force.

Citizens are more powerful learning together how to govern themselves and the situations around them than any police force or form of government. Why is this? Because as citizens learn what it means to govern themselves they begin to understand their roles as moral agents. As a moral agent, you are required to follow through with your duty toward the greater social utility. As citizens, we all have a moral imperative to tend to the common governance of the community, the city, state, or nation. This is an important concept to address and teach so that it grows with the customs of people overtime. To teach citizen governance, however, is a transformative mindset that has the power to keep violence down, people healthy, and cultures sustainable. It is the earths politic.  Where do you stand within this politic? How will you help the politic to transition? How will you be a part of the good within the politic?

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