Earth Entrepreneurship Episode 12

In this episode we continue our series from 1871 with Village Capital’s cohort and interview Matt Wilkerson and Byron Hsu from Paragon One and Melissa Risteff from Couragion. Completely different and innovative ed-tech companies moving our education system forward.

A special event at 1871 with Village Capital’s ed-tech cohorts. We speak with Nasir Quadree about Village Capital and how their program redefines Venture Capital models. And speak with Dan Nash Co-founder of Comprendio, about Comprendio’s innovative ed-tech model.

Earth Entrepreneurship Episode 10

Jack Abramoff (a US lobbyist for many years) and I discuss what lobbyism is, and some basics behind what lobbyists do. We learn about the process and how it interacts with business and society as it is important for all professionals to be involved with the legislative process.

Earth Entrepreneurship Episode 9

We meet Nicole Yeary, founder of Ms. Tech. Nicole and I discuss problems and struggles of starting a business and what she is doing to help, mentor, and inspire women to become entrepreneurs.

Earth Entrepreneurship Episode 8

Professor Norris Krueger spends time explaining an introduction to what a feasibility study is. We break down some ideas behind it and how to analyze whether a market can be feasible to enter.

Earth Entrepreneurship Episode 7

Sergio Gomez explains some simple steps to improve your art career and be innovative, Jacqueline Ros designed a tech-safety platform to minimize bad situations, and Brenden Dougherty plans to share indigenous cultural perspectives of the world.

Our talk with Professor Dean Schroeder about Subaru and how they transformed their plants to 0 waste and the only profitable car manufacture during the 2008 crisis. We sneak in a conversation about Ed-techs disruption in education systems. Ryan Cox gives a lecture on strategy and market creation. And lastly, Stephen Cutter from G-ride gives an impromptu pitch.

We hang out with Abby Cheesman of Skill Scout to see why hiring the right people is so important to a good workforce, finish an awesome conversation with Stephen Cortiss of Citizen fusion, and speak with Sergio Gomez about Art influences in communities.

In this episode we dive in to the basics of financial statements with Salmaan Ahmed, discuss income inequality and politics, business and society with Stephan Cortiss of Citizen Fusion. Lastly,we hang out with Ved Prakash a scientist from the University of Chicago to learn about the future of nano-technology.

In this episode Brian interviews Jackie Biederman about impact and entrepreneurship, Guillermo Mclean on Dream Futures or social impact bonds, Sophia Fairweather a 7 year old entrepreneur, and Stephan Cortiss of CitizenFusion on income inequality.

We visit the UK to discuss with Sarah Begum anthropology and the importance of conceptualizing human traits. We start the discussion around execution and a sole proprietorship, LLC, and Incorporation entities. Our visit to India with Amit Verma to see what problems environmentally and socially are happening there. Tony Loyd of the Social Entrepreneur podcast discusses the difference between business owners and entrepreneurs and a distinction of social entrepreneurship and the need to understand politics, business, and society.

An opening to an ethical earth entrepreneur and the triple-bottom line. A survey show on experimentation, why social entrepreneurship, city planning, and Chicago’s social entrepreneurs.You will hear highlights from President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Donald Trump, Dr. Daniel Hjorth, Dr. Raed Elaydi, Christopher Foltz, Dr. Verinder Syal, Dr. Jill Long-Thompson, Dr. Anton Lewis, Dr. Bradford Hunt, Dr. Jamie Jones, Dr. Linda Darrah, Dr. Dennis Barsema, Dr. Elizabeth Gingerich and even more!!!

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