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Hey Earth Associates, we are excited to discuss and ask some of the earths most pressing topics. It is evident the earth is going through changes. Whether it is social, environmental (climate changes), political, or economic, it is clear there is a huge misunderstanding going on. Furthermore, the people of the earth are confused with the process in which to overcome these world challenges, or how we came to this point with wars and so much race conflict to begin with. Internationally, and nationally, in every country on the planet are now a testament to the problems in which have been created. What are the solutions? How do we come to a conscious balance?

I will start this narrative focusing on the importance of thinking, technology, and information symmetry. For any culture, consciousness comes with thought. The more thought that goes on inside one’s head the more ideas that are being let out into the world. The more conscious an individual is; the more thought is flowing fluidly through one’s brain. Consciousness and health go hand and hand. The healthier one is, the more conscious they can become. The more conscious one is, the healthier one can become both physically and mentally. Being aware of your conscious thought is, pertinent to anyone’s internal growth, and thinking is extremely important to the health of our conscious earth.

Importance of Thinking

I remember growing up hating to go to school. Although I knew I was always hard at thought and enjoyed thinking critically, I didn’t like going to school. There is a disconnect with children and our school system. The most growth in education for any student is experience in any field. None the less, learning is extremely important on multiple levels. The point is, the act of thinking is what counts. We need to help our children to want to think. And if we already know that they want to think, and think critically, then we need to help them to figure out what it is they want to solve. Instead of forcing children to learn a certain way and to go to school and learn in a certain order, we ought to learn ourselves as a society for what matters most in education. It isn’t the passing of a class or course, however, it is the knowledge we either obtain, or it is the fact that we are hard at thought about a particular problem. How do we measure our thoughts? Many times, children will learn quicker learning something they are already good at or are interested in.

If we can recognize that this is very important for the growth of any person’s thought process, if we can pinpoint where the excitement is within a person’s enjoyment of thinking, then the learning process becomes easier, more fruitful, and abundant with knowledge and problem solving. There is no forcing, no disposition of other student’s grades, and no anxiety when thinking. When any person thinks clearly and freely, they comprehend and reason much quicker and with more confidence. Confidence is a key antidote in achieving success. If there is one thing we all know for sure, that is we think. The desire to think is what we all need to yearn for. That is the real virtue and the highest form of the good.


The rapid growth of technology swept the planet leaving little thought of how to live without it. Technology has broken many barriers in societies across the world. It has not only changed the way we think, but has also changed the way we live. Is it for better or worse? I am not sure that question should be answered or even asked. Technology is here and isn’t going away. Through innovation and technology, humanity has grown healthier and more comfortable. In ways, it has helped us to understand our planet and help the earth, and in ways it has allowed us to destroy the planet more. For example, due to air conditioning we can live in extremely hot areas and stay cool. This has also affected our ozone. Additionally, we built cars which have allowed us to efficiently get around and at the same time ruin areas of the worlds environment due to drilling for oil. In ways technology has saved lives and has also killed off lots of people as well. Our medical doctors can monitor us and prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to keep us healthy and strong, but still there is mess ups with surgery, and at times people die from surgical procedures. Many are attributing the technology advancements as the third wave technology revolution.

The agricultural, industrial, and third wave, technological revolution is changing the way we function in society. The internet alone has empowered the world to communicate in so many different ways. It has spread information so quickly across the world that it has saved time and money while impacting the learning process of individuals who are poor and never had access to quality education. Additionally, artificial intelligence has grown to a point that has enhanced life immensely. For example, Apple Siri has made phones accessible for the blind and visually impaired. Maybe if we never had phones this wouldn’t be a big deal, but we do and most of these things seem inevitable, but, it dramatically does justice for the blind community. Technology is good in many ways, but as we stated earlier; sometimes there is a price to pay for good innovation that enhances lives. The point here is, we need a conscious revolution now in order to see through the good in technology and learn to live in harmony with each other and nature.

Information Symmetry

We are living in a time where there is an overload of information. There is so much information it is hard to sort through. Because of this there is a gap in not only the way we communicate, but, how we take the information in. Information symmetry is the transparent and vigilant attributes to the bridge of this information gap. The abundance of information not only makes people confused, but, can persuade people from the magnitude of individuals participating in any given topic. Information symmetry allows for an open debate about subjects without being persuaded about anything. It is important for people to be objective and help each other, regardless of views, to find the truth about any debatable topic.

Debating crucial topics is potentially the healthiest thing for the human mind and body.  Information symmetry empowers the mind while practicing objective perspectives about a subject. By practicing this concept of information symmetry, will build a foundation for growth, a safe place for conflictive dialogue, and open a path for difficult topics to be absorbed, as we all challenge what truth is. It allows for people to have the desire for the best possible information outcome regardless of viewpoints and ego. For whatever truth is, in the world, information symmetry is, the engine behind it. As for all the different languages, and forms of communication out there today, it is important to remember that things are not always perfect. And for people to truly, clearly, and eminently acknowledging and understand any piece of information is, to be able to see things from every perspective or perception possible. Even before allowing yourself to have judgment in any way.   

In any culture, you see people being judgmental. There surely are differences between people. But, come on, we live on one planet, earth. We are segmented into races, geographic areas, language barriers, religious views, creeds, and whatever means can separate people. Our conscious behavior to do good and well is pivotal to our growth as a human species. With continuous thought, technology, and information symmetry, we can build a strong consciousness for a civil humanity. The earth needs a conscious awakening for a healthy survival as a species. Through thought, technology and information symmetry, our earth can level and balance as conscious beings, thoughtful humans, people who are compassionate, and strive for a planet in which humanity kindly shares the earth. Being humane is natural, however, so is survival. We can see how things are so complex, however, why can we not see the solutions needed to solve this critical global problem?

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